Payment methods

The ways in which you can pay for your order:

1. Online Payment by credit or debit card 

In our e-shop, transactions are made with absolute security. In each transaction go to Eurobank protected network to give your details.

Up to 12 Interest Free Installments for purchases from 100 € and above with credit card

2. Cash on delivery (Apply only for shipments within Greece and orders up to 50 €)

When the employee of the courier company ACS arrives at your place, to deliver the parcel to you, you pay the value of your order. In this case you will be charged with 2 € expenses for the COD service.

3. By deposit in a bank account

In this case you can complete your order without payment. The order is prepared, once the deposit is made in one of our accounts. 

  • Eurobank: IBAN: GR8602603310000430200565020 
  • Alpha Bank: IBAN: GR9401406630663002320002440

The deposit that will be made should be written as reason: the order code and name in which the order was placed.

The products are sent after the confirmation of the deposit of the order amount, which is done as follows:

Once you make the deposit you should definitely let us know sending us:

  • the bank deposit receipt by e-mail 


  • an e-mail with your name, the order number, the total amount, the date as well as the bank where you made the deposit.

Orders with a delay of more than five (5) working days are automatically canceled.

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